Antwan on the Issues

Our right to vote is the foundation of our democracy. I will fight tirelessly and relentlessly to ensure and protect the integrity of the voting process and the right to vote for all of Georgia’s citizens.

Economic development within our community begins with the commitment to worker’s rights, workplace safety, and livable wages. As we endure the COVID-19 pandemic, we must support these core beliefs while focusing on the recovery and longevity of our local economy. 

Economic recovery should focus on supporting and growing existing small businesses, creating sustainable job growth, while addressing the challenges of working families, building a green workforce, and expanding access to social protections like healthcare, childcare, and housing.​

Antwan is focused on approaching economic inequality, building a sustainable foundation for economic growth, and securing a better future for our community by adapting to future trends.

A quality education system serves as an important driver of economic growth and an indicator of a communities overall health.

Antwan believes that as a state official he should seamlessly collaborate with Savannah to inaugurate partnerships, explore innovative initiatives, and implement comprehensive strategies for addressing local education challenges. 

Antwan is focused on making a significant impact on public education to better ensure our schools are successful in achieving their academic goals through strengthening student learning outcomes.

Savannah along with communities around Georgia have experienced a
difficult wave of gun violence and crime that has threatened the safety and
health of our neighborhoods. Antwan will work with local law enforcement
to build trust in the community and provide opportunities to forge strategic
Antwan believes that our communities must have adequate resources like
trauma-informed care, community-led anti-violence initiatives, and reflective
public health services that address the root causes of these cycles of
From our community centers to our streets, public safety should be built
around restorative justice and community trust. We must strive to end gun
violence and other cycles of trauma, adjust our public safety and crisis
response, and establish new standards for accountability and community
Antwan is focused on building a safer and stronger community for all and
will work with local officials to ensure our neighborhoods are vibrant
components of our community.